If we look at the number of ADUs that are sprinkled along the state of California, we can see that the number is deep into the thousands. This is because state and federal laws are becoming much more lax than they used to be, allowing homeowners and investors the opportunity to build their ADUs with ease.


Have you ever seen one of these units and wondered what they could do for your property?


There are many reasons why people like to build ADUs on their property. For starters, ADUs are a wonderful investment if you want to earn a little bit of extra income every month.


Secondly, old relatives find ADUs to be wonderful places to remain close to a family while retaining their overall independence. Teenagers or adult children might find ADUs to be wonderful transitional units before they move out into the real world and reach total independence.


If you are interested in building an ADU on your property, but you’re still unsure if you want to make the commitment, let us tell you why it might be your best idea yet!


What Is an ADU?


Before we dive into the many benefits of ADUs, we want to make sure that you know exactly what they are. ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. You may have heard of ADUs through different names, including granny flat, tiny home, mother-in-law suite, etc. An ADU can either be attached or detached from your main home that is on your property.


Though our ADUs are detached from the home, many people like to build their ADUs in or on converted garages or basements.


Why Should I Build an ADU in Riverside County?


  • House Your Family Members – ADUs are often referred to as mother-in-law suites. Whether you believe that name to be affectionate or not, the case was that parents or grandparents of the homeowners were living in these ADUs so that they could remain close to the family without completely involving themselves in the family’s lives. We like to think of it as a way for a family to stick together while still retaining independence. It works for young teenagers or adult children as well, as they are able to use ADUs as transitional spaces before completely moving out in the real world.
  • Earn Extra Monthly Income – ADUs offer one of the best ways for you to earn extra monthly income as a homeowner. This extra income can act as a “second job”, helping you to pay off your mortgage, save for your children’s college, or take that big vacation you’ve always wanted. The best part about ADUs is that they have their own entrances, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your tenants disturbing your family life. This also works the other way around, If you are an older couple and the kids are out of the house, you may not need 4 bedrooms and a huge living space anymore. In this case, you could move into the ADU while renting out the big house to family.
  • Tax Benefits – We’re not tax experts, but if there is one thing we do know, it is that homeowners everywhere are putting their brand new ADUs on their depreciation schedules. Claiming your ADU can help you to gain back or offset any normal losses that go into paying your taxes each year.
  • Provide Additional Housing – Though Riverside may not be one of the most overpopulated counties in Southern California, there are still people here struggling to find affordable housing. You can be apart of the solution to the housing crisis by building an ADU. It is a wonderful way to provide affordable housing for those who aren’t quite able to afford a home for themselves yet.
  • Extra Work Space – If you are someone who works from home, or if you are someone who is looking for a nice art or hobby space that is detached from your main house space, and ADU might be perfect for you. It is a wonderful way to build your own private space that separates home and work life.


Our ADU Models


If you have been looking to install and construct an ADU on your property, yet you don’t want to deal with the process of hiring a slew of random contractors or building it yourself, we highly recommend checking out some of the top-notch models that we have available on our website. There is a reason why we are the #1 builder of ADUs in Riverside county.


As of right now, we have three models, including the Farm House, the Craftsman, and the Modern. Each of these ADUs has a unique build character, helping to fit each and every style of home that is out there. They come in 600, 800, and 1,200 square-foot sizes, and each come with living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and dining areas. Think of them as homes away from home. Whoever decides to live inside will feel a complete sense of independence from the larger property.


Why Go With Riverside ADU Builders?


If you decide to build with us here at Riverside ADU Builders, you will have the assurance of a top-notch, totally private ADU for all of your living or renting needs. We’re happy to say that local and state laws have changed drastically in our favor over the past decade, allowing us to build the ADUs that homeowners and investors have long dreamt of. Riverside County is a wonderful place to live, though as we see rent prices continue to rise and space continues to decrease, we can see that it is time to start thinking differently.


As you know now, ADUs are great options for many different reasons. We recommend keeping up with the zoning guide for Riverside County so that you have a good idea of the local laws and regulations, as they are changing all the time.


Your next step is to give us a call here at Riverside ADU Builders so that we can start putting together that ADU that you’ve been thinking about for so long! We’re excited to work with you!


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If you are considering building an accessory dwelling unit for yourself to enjoy or benefit from Temecula’s investment benefits we know the in’s and out’s of every moving piece of navigating a successful ADU home build. We look forward to assisting you!

Return On Investment

If you’re someone who is looking to build an ADU to rent out, know that you may be able to achieve yields of up to 20%. Plus, you and your family can still happily live in your original home!

Easy Approval

If you’ve ever had to get the approval of the council for a DA, you know that it is a long and arduous process. With granny flats or ADUs, you don’t need the approval of the council if they meet all of the requirements. This can help to speed up the process by many months.

Senior Family Member Accommodation

Granny flats were originally created so that older generation family members could live close to the family while retaining independence, as the name suggests. This is perfect for those families who have aging parents or grandparents who they don’t want to move into a home.

Tax Depreciation Benefits

When you build a granny flat onto your property, the small outlay can create tons of extra income, which is a sound choice for someone who is searching for tax depreciation benefits.

A Home Near Home

Many people like to travel when they get old, though the idea of selling a family home might not be in the cards. If you’ve always wanted to travel around the world, yet don’t want to get rid of your beloved home, you can rent it out to another family while living in your granny flat.

Studio or Home Office

If you have an artistic side and have always wanted a place to indulge in it, a granny flat is a wonderful place to create a workspace for yourself and store away all of your supplies. In the case that you are someone who works from home, simply having a work space that is separate from your house can help to increase productivity while saving costs.